Effective communication that transcends cultures and languages.

Marketing solutions

We are your local marketing firm!! Hms has a combined experience of over 20 years in radio-television broadcasting/on-air talent industry within the hispanic marketplace of denver and across colorado. Through our experience and in working within the community we offer inside knowledge of what the hispanic consumers needs. Hms focues on helping your brand, product, or services reach that consumer across languages, traditions, and cultures. Our goal is to develop a successful and strategic marketing campaign suited to your business model.

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Services we offer:

Audiovisual production

HMS production team will assist in effective and creative solutions, content development of your brand, product or services.

Video production

HMS production team will assist in creating professional videos, commercials/teasers for your social media platform. Professional videography and photography packages available for on-line products, catalogs, websites, or social media campaigns.


Creation of corporate, training, or musical production videos.  Videography is a very effective tool in these busy times when the average consumer read less and observes more.

Creation of your brand

We create your brand with purpose and help create meaningful business relationships with your customers.

Additonal services include:

Mangagement and content creation; add placement in facebook and google ads

The target

Latinos play a key role in economic growth as their buying power jumped to more than $1.7 trillion, according to a report from the University of Georgia. Their buying power is a driving force in economics as they reach closer to nearly $2 trillion, according to US Hispanic Market Report, Oct 15, 2021